About me

My name is Lluís C. Jaques. I was born in Barcelona (Spain). I am a Spanish teacher with a Certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (ELE) from the Cervantes Institute, with more than ten years of experience in teaching the language, and a journalist, with a degree in Information Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

I am convinced that if you choose me as a Spanish teacher you will have made a good decision. This statement may seem pedantic, but I make it from the results obtained over the years with students of different levels and objectives.

I, as a Spanish teacher

After some specific experiences as a Spanish teacher, in 2008 I began to systematize a method that I applied in private classes on a regular basis. From 2012 I began to combine them with online classes. Today I have focused all my activity as a teacher through the network.

I love languages. I am fascinated to understand myself with as many people as possible and I like to speak the language of the country I am travelling to. I have traveled more than a hundred countries through Europe, America and Africa.

In addition to my native languages, Spanish and Catalan, I graduated in French from the International Institute for the Diffusion of Culture. I graduated from the Italian Institute of Culture. I have studied English at the ESADE Language School. And I have received private classes of Portuguese, the latter with a basic level of comprehension and conversation.

Knowledge of these languages has been very useful in my work. I have published in written press, I have done radio and, especially, television. For years I have been a producer, director and scriptwriter of social and cultural documentaries, broadcasted on many public channels in my country, as well as on international channels.

Another of my professional experiences has been that of university professor in different courses of Communication and Journalism in the University José Simeón Cañas (UCA) of San Salvador (El Salvador). I’ve always been passionate about teaching.

I am fascinated by my work as a Spanish teacher and it is very gratifying to see how my students advance in their knowledge of the language.

From everything I’ve told you, we can understand each other in French, English, Italian and Portuguese. But we will speak little of these languages. From day one, even if you are a beginner, we are going to speak in Spanish.

We start now?

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