Our Spanish classes online

34 You are going to learn Spanish online, via Skype, in a relaxed but intensive way.

What will the Spanish classes be like?

Our online Spanish classes are personalised, each student is a unique case, our efforts are focused on you learning the Spanish language in the most effective way.

Spanish for beginners

If you are a beginner, you are going to learn Spanish in a very practical way. In every case, you will gradually “absorb” Spanish grammar and vocabulary almost without realising.

We’ll have fun

Because the pace of learning will be intensive, we will have certain “external elements” that will make your learning more fun. Music, songs, videos, objects, games, reading, etc.

You really will learn

We will be talking, we will be talking a lot and about topics that interest you: sports, professions, music, cinema, society, travel… You will also be able to choose the topics of conversation.

Speak, read, write

You will learn to speak, listen, write, read, expand your vocabulary, study the grammar and, as they say in Latin America, “sooner rather than later” the language will be yours.

We will adapt

We will adapt the  contents so that you always feel at ease, depending on your language objectives: studies, work, beginner’s, conversation, vocabulary, grammar, children’s …

Practice for teachers and students with a high level of Spanish

If you are a teacher of Spanish or students with a high level of Spanish, you can also acquire hours of practice with a teacher of Spanish language, I can help you to improve your vocabulary.

Shall we get started?

You can also contact me for more information.